Icekubé - Frost Mage

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Icekubé - Frost Mage

Post by icekube » Sun Feb 25, 2018 5:00 pm

Main Character Name
Armory Link ... ekub%C3%A9
Where did you hear about Riot?
General Chat
Tell us why Riot should be interested in you. What benefit can you bring to the guild?
I bring reliability and plenty of raid experience to survive mechanics while still performing my class roll DPS duties.
How long have you played World of Warcraft?
December 2005 is when i first began
What was the name and server of your previous guild (if any) and why did you leave?
My last guild fell apart so i took a break from wow. i am now trying to get back into raiding
Describe your endgame raiding experience
I have tons of raid experience starting with MC, BWL, AQ40, Naxx, (which were my most memorable raid times), Also raided into BC which i hardly recall these days, and was also apart of a guild killing heroic lich king. After that expansion, i began raiding casually where i wasnt pushing content as much.
What website(s) do you use to do research on your class and new boss strategies?
I usually use icy veins and watch videos on boss fights
We raid 20-man endgame content from 9 PM to 12 AM EST / 8-11 CST two nights per week: Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Are you able to make these days and times? Reasons you won't?
The raid days and times are perfect for me which is what lured me to applying today.
Post link(s) to Warcraftlogs displaying your most recent raid performance
Unfortunately, i dont have access to any logs.
What is your current Artifact power?
Do you have any guild, raid, or class leadership experience? If so, describe it.
No leadership experience
We use Discord during raids and as such it is required that you be able to install and run it. You must, at the very least, be able to hear raid leaders during raids and, depending on your role, you may need to be able to speak. Do you understand? *
Any additional comments?
Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I look forward to hearing from you.

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