ACCEPTED - Application: Lannistur (Paladin)

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ACCEPTED - Application: Lannistur (Paladin)

Post by Lannistur » Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:07 pm

[recruit loc="us,Gorefiend"]Lannistur[/recruit]
All Characters:
[armory loc="us,Gorefiend"]Lannistur[/armory]

Where did you hear about Riot?
I've been in the guild casually for about 2 months now. After faction changing back to alliance I was encouraged to join casually by a mutual friend of one of the officers in Riot. We met in WotLK in the family/friend guild I was a part of on that side. (Tirofijo)

Do you know anyone in Riot who can vouch for you? If yes, who are they and how do you know them?
As I've been in the guild for a little while now I\'m pretty sure I\'ve had the opportunity to group with most people, and I\'m confident the majority would vouch for my ability. I've also had a chance to raid once or twice with you guys when you were a healer short on the night and held my own reasonably well.

Tell us why Riot should be interested in you. What benefit can you bring to the guild?
As an active, participating raider, be it on standby or otherwise I would bring another 100% attendance and highly skilled player to the mix that can be relied upon to fill a spot at a moments notice on every night it might be necessary. I would think having another healer on standby with timers saved should someone have computer or other IRL issues crop up could never be a bad thing either!

How long have you played this game?
I started playing sometime in 2005 during vanilla WoW. My first raiding experience was near the tail end of Vanilla with pugs that were running MC/BWL. My first actual raiding experience (organized in a guild environment) was also around the same time when I was picked up by Divinity.

What other guilds have you been in? Why did you leave?
Aside from the family/friend guild I was in during WoTLK (Needs the Blood) the only guild I've been a part of for any length of time was Divinity here on alliance side Gorefiend. I raided with them from the tail end of vanilla until the end of (WoTLK) Naxx. I took my leave of them after stress and general burnout took their toll. I missed all of Ulduar and came back about 5months later to play with some friends on horde side for the rest of that xpac.

Describe your endgame raiding experience. Include the current and previous box release, if possible.
Vanilla: MC/BWL Clear, AQ40 Emps down, Naxx 5/15.

BC: Gruul, Mag, SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT all clear, SWP Brutallus down.

WoTLK: 25man: Naxx clear, Ulduar missed, ToC clear, ICC 10/12heroic (with Limbo)
10man: Naxx/ToC/ICC clear, Ulduar Yogg down.

Curent; 7/12 of current content (with Riot)

Describe your specs. What is your preferred spec? Do you have a secondary spec? If so, what are your gear and experience like with the secondary spec?
I\'m currently specced Holy/Ret and my preferred spec is holy. Both specs are very competitive and nearly equivalent in terms of gear level. I maintain them both and have all items enchanted/gemmed appropriately for raiding (aside from my Ret weapon which is not yet enchanted). I\'m currently specced PVP Holy as that\'s all I do currently but have no problems changing that at a moment\'s notice.

Describe what skill/spell rotation you use in your primary spec. If a rotation is not appropriate, what is your priority list?
As holy spec I generally just use whatever's required at the time. Keep beacon active, use divine light during heavy tank damage, holy light during light damage, holy radiance during periods of heavy raid aoe, Light of Dawn when appropriate (raid stacked) Word of Glory when on the run with tank damage and holy shock on cooldown with judgements thrown in when possible to maintain JotP.

As ret I run the standard priority of maintaining Inquisition then 3HPTV > Exo > HoW > CS > Judge and exchange CS for DS and SoTruth for SoRighteousness when fighting trash packs with 5+ mobs.

What websites do you use to keep current on your class? is my primary source of information, but when it comes right down to it I use every tidbit of knowledge I come across if it\'s going to help me improve as a player.,, wowwiki and wowhead and mmo-champion are also among the primary sites i frequent when looking for help, be it with my class or otherwise.

Do you research boss fights before your guild attempts them? What websites do you use to become familiar with new boss strategies?
I do my best to stay up to date on all boss fights, be they heroics or raid bosses, it\'s all the same. I also take it upon myself to learn all 3 aspects of the fight in order to better understand the fight as a whole, which helps when diagnosing problems and finding solutions. and wowwiki are my general sources for boss fight information. I'll also visit worldoflogs and wmo to view parses and logs of fights if I'm struggling with anything particular to see how other guilds have handled it.

We raid 25-man endgame content three nights per week: 8 PM - 12 AM Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, all times Eastern U.S. Are you able to make these days and times?
I work a cushy IT job m-f 9-5 so I would have no problem making raid time 100%.

Describe any prior commitments that could change your raiding availability.
I have no commitments that would affect my raiding. Anything that did would be a last second emergency and I would do my best to inform someone should that happen (unless I have no access to a computer).

Riot requires that you always bring all necessary consumables for our 25-man raids. This includes flasks/food/potions/etc., and covers all fights -- easymode and progression, normal mode and heroic. Would this be a problem for you?
Consumables would never be a problem.

List your professions and any special epic/rare recipes you have.
I'm currently 525 alchemy (flask spec)/enchanting and have all the standard flasks/enchants. I don't currently have any of the enchanting patterns that cost Maelstrom crystals however I'm working on them as I can afford it.

Post a link with a screenshot of your raid UI. If that is not possible, or if you'd simply like to elaborate on your screenshot, describe what you use for class-specific functions (cooldown timers, raid (de)buffs, damage/healing tracking, etc.) and why.
I'm filling this out at work and don\'t have access to a current raid screenshot. My UI is very clean though with only the top corners and the bottom quarter of my screen taken up by addons/displays. I can provide a screenshot later should it be required. I use powerauras to monitor my cooldowns, Grid for my raidframes, bartender4 to keep my action bars clean and organized, pally power for my raid buffs, and omen/dbm for threat/raid warnings.

Post link(s) displaying your recent raid performance. WWS, Recount log, World of Logs... something that gives us a clue what you can do.
I don't have any recent meters at all that I can post unfortunately, however like I said earlier I did have the opportunity to raid with you guys a couple times, and was 1st-3rd throughout the course of the night on every boss attempt/kill.

Have you raided with any other characters as your main during the current content release? If so, why did you switch?
As yet I've only been working on my Paladin, and have no intentions of switching mains, past or future.

We define ourselves as a "hard casual" guild. That means we are committed to doing the best we can in 25-mans for the 3 nights (12 hours) we raid per week, no more, no less. We do not push a fourth night for progression. We do not require guild members to do off-night 10-mans, although many of our members choose to do this in their spare time. Is this acceptable to you?
I'm fine with whatever raid schedule the guild wants to keep. I just want to do my part to the best of my abilities to help the guild achieve it\'s goals.

Do you have any guild, raid, or class leadership experience? If so, describe it.
I was the raid leader in Divinity through all of BC 25man content. I would assist in creating the raid with the best people we had available (for the most part), as well as taking people when possible to maintain an appropriate gear level on alternates/second strings. I organized general heal/tank/dps assignments, researched and explained fights, strategies and positioning, and assigned specific roles should one person be struggling with an assigned task. I also implemented and maintained the current DKP system they still use today (epgp as it happens thanks to Riot) along with training the other officers how to use it as well.

We seek team players, people who want to do right by the raid and the guild. Me-firsters and loot whores are not desirable. We also seek coverage in all classes such that we'll always have enough to raid, which means you might have to sit on occasion. Do you have any concerns regarding this? (If yes, elaborate. And be honest here, as temper tantrums will not be tolerated once you're in the guild.)
I'm neither selfish nor greedy and have no problem sitting when required. As I've been in the guild a while I know there\'s already a very strong pally group here and don't want to step on any toes. I\'m happy with a standby position, as i know you're not specifically looking for paladins, and just want to be included in the raiding process, looked to for help should it be needed, and do my part as a contributing guild member.

Do you have a reliable computer and a stable internet connection? (Describe any known issues impacting game performance, including a shared internet connection, old computer, etc.)
My internet connection is rock solid and my new computer (new to me, upgraded just before the xpac came out) gets 30fps+ easily in all 25man situations I've been in for this xpac. There is nothing within my control that would affect my performance in raid.

Do you have a Blizzard authenticator? If No, please let us know if you would have trouble obtaining one.
I don't but wouldn't have a problem getting one. I've never been hacked and use a very strong password on a computer that doesn't touch the internet outside of gaming. And being in the profession I am I've got plenty of experience with avoiding such hassles that can be experienced when surfing the web in the wrong places.

Do you have Ventrilo installed and ready?

Do you own a working Microphone?

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