DEFERRED: Callmemom (Rogue)

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DEFERRED: Callmemom (Rogue)

Post by Callmemom » Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:31 pm


All Max-Level Characters:
Callmemom (Rogue) - ... m/advanced
Zaraa (Priest) - Armory not updated yet but the item level on it is 828 (Main Spec shadow)
Danksword (paladin) - ... d/advanced

Where did you hear about Riot?
Wow Guild Recruitment Forum

Do you know anyone in Riot who can vouch for you? If yes, who are they and how do you know them?

Tell us why Riot should be interested in you. What benefit can you bring to the guild?
Im a quick learner , always on time for raids and always try to improve myself.
I get along with other people really well also im a drama free guy :)

How long have you played this game?
Too long :D (I been playing since BC on and off)

What other guilds have you been in? Why did you leave?
Game Over (Proudmoore) on my holy pally (Clear 10/10 M BRF with them during my time) , I Left Game over mainly due to the issue within the guild and lack of attendance after we clear BRF

Sudden Clarity (Sargeras) on my shadow priest (Clear 13/13 M HFC ) i progress with them all the way through M HFC with them. Left because the GM decide to start his own new guild and Abandon the old one.

Describe your endgame raiding experience. Include the current and previous box release, if possible.
10/10 Mythic Black rock foundry with Game over Proudmoore on my holy paladin
13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citidel with Sudden Clarity Sargeras on my shadow priest

Describe your specs. What is your preferred spec? Do you have a secondary spec? If so, what is your gear and experience like for the secondary spec?
My prefer rogue spec currently is Outlaw mainly because the spec scale really well with high ILV also the other two spec seem lackluster is at the moment.
My Secondary spec is Assassination according to simcraft assassination might pull ahead in term of DPS once i can get my hand on tier 19 and certain trinket from the Nighthold raid
I can play both spec really well but my Outlaw set is way better than my assassination set.

Describe what skill/spell rotation you use in your primary spec. If a rotation is not appropriate, what is your priority list?
Pop MFD before the pull and fish for RTB buffs.
Ambush > Saber Slash
Pop AR and Dreadblade
Saber Slash > Run through (Weave in Free Pistol Shot)
Keep 100% uptime on RTB buffs (2+ buffs during boss and 1+ buff during trash)

We expect you to have current and appropriate gems and enchants when you apply. If you do not have those when we review your application and your character, it will reflect poorly on you. Do you understand?
Yes i fully understand

What websites do you use to keep current on your class?
Mmo Champion Rogue forum and Icy vain (also Shadowcraft)

Do you research boss fights before your guild attempts them? What websites do you use to become familiar with new boss strategies?
I always research the fight before i go in after all you don't want to go in to encounter and don't know a damn thing about the mechanic , cause a wipe and wasting 19 other people times.
My prefer source for boss strategy is Fatboss and Icy vain

We raid 25-man endgame content from 8 PM to 12 AM EST three nights per week: Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Are you able to make these days and times?

Describe any prior commitments that could change your raiding availability.
No but if anything come up i will let you know in advance

Riot requires that you always bring all necessary consumables for our 25-man raids. This includes flasks/food/potions/etc., and covers all fights -- easymode and progression, heroic and mythic. Will this be a problem for you?
Not a problem at all i have been bench for during progression before i can handle it

List your professions and any relevant special/epic/rare recipes you have.
Currently leveling JC / Alchemy (Jc mainly for the 3 star Gem)

Post a link with a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment or, at the very least, of your UI in combat. Describe what you use for class-specific functions (cooldown timers, raid (de)buffs, damage/healing tracking, etc.) and why.
Very Clean and Simple the only addon that i use during raid is DBM and WA (Been using this ui set up since Wrath)
I have WA set up for my important buff and internal CD also have few WA for mythic + mechanic as well

Post link(s) displaying your recent raid performance -- a screenshot of Recount/Skada with skill breakdowns showing or a World of Logs parse.
I don't have a parse for my rogue but i do have parse on my shadow priest during HFC progression
here is the link ... 1269752/8/

Have you raided with any other characters as your main during the current content release? If so, why did you switch?
Yes i switch from holy paladin to my priest for mythic HFC mainly because i want to play dps during progression instead of healing.

We define ourselves as a "hard casual" guild. That means we are committed to doing the best we can in 25-mans for the 3 nights (12 hours) we raid per week, no more, no less. We do not push a fourth night for progression. We do not require guild members to do off-night 10-mans, although many of our members choose to do this in their spare time. Is this acceptable to you?
Schedule works perfect for me.

Do you have any guild, raid, or class leadership experience? If so, describe it.
Im afraid not sorry

We seek team players, people who want to do right by the raid and the guild. Me-firsters and loot whores are not desirable. We also seek coverage in all classes such that we'll always have enough to raid, which means you might have to sit on occasion. Do you have any concerns regarding this? (If yes, elaborate. And be honest here, as temper tantrums will not be tolerated once you're in the guild.)
Raid success as a whole come first , i don't mind sitting and i won't complain. Loot whoring is something i really hate :D

How old are you

Do you have a reliable computer and a stable internet connection? (Describe any known issues impacting game performance, including a shared internet connection, old computer, etc.)
I just upgrade my Pc this year running on GTX 1080 solid 100 + Fps during raid encounter / My internet connection is very stable

Do you have a Authenticator attached to your account? If not, please let us know if you would have trouble obtaining one.
I have authenticator attached to my account

We use Mumble (NOT Ventrilo) for voice chat during raids and as such it is required that you be able to install and run it. You must, at the very least, be able to hear raid leaders during raids and, depending on your role, you may need to be able to speak. Do you understand?

Do you own a working Microphone?

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Re: PENDING: Callmemom (Rogue)

Post by Fissures » Tue Sep 13, 2016 7:45 am

Greetings, Mom.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Riot family. We will be reviewing your application and will post back here shortly with any Rogue-like questions or comments we may have. Please stay patient as this process may take a few days.

- Fissure

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Re: PENDING: Callmemom (Rogue)

Post by Satan » Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:47 pm


We would like to invite you to raid with us in trial runs starting @ 7:45 EST on Wednesday 9/21, Thursday 9/22, and Sunday 9/25. Your trial will continue at the same times and dates on the following week. More details have been sent to you via private message. Please confirm here if you are able to attend.


P.S: We also have an optional Tuesday raid starting at the same time as well as running mythic dungeons throughout the week that you are more than welcome to attend.

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Re: PENDING: Callmemom (Rogue)

Post by Satan » Tue Sep 13, 2016 10:55 pm

Accepted via PM.

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Re: TRIAL: Callmemom (Rogue)

Post by Callmemom » Wed Sep 14, 2016 12:11 am

My Btag - Noob#12182

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Re: DEFERRED: Callmemom (Rogue)

Post by Satan » Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:24 pm

Deferred due to inactivity.

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