DEFERRED: Hyronqt (Fire Mage)

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DEFERRED: Hyronqt (Fire Mage)

Post by Hyron » Sun Sep 25, 2016 12:13 am

Armory: ... t/advanced

All Max-Level Characters:
Hyronqt- 110, Hyrondk- 110

Where did you hear about Riot?

Do you know anyone in Riot who can vouch for you? If yes, who are they and how do you know them?
I do not

Tell us why Riot should be interested in you. What benefit can you bring to the guild?
Very competent player when it comes to raiding and outside of raiding, have a good attitude when it comes to playing the game, and always a competitive player with numbers.

How long have you played this game?
I have been playing since the start of Burning crusade expac.

What other guilds have you been in? Why did you leave?
Mexican border patrols, wasnt what i was looking for when it comes to raiding, i thought they would be a bit more competitive in raiding plus a fairly new guild so people kept leaving. i have been other guilds called Judgement on another server but they stopped raiding for a expac. and the other guild i was in was called Simple math, i had to stop playing when WoD came out due to finishing up my college degree.

Describe your endgame raiding experience. Include the current and previous box release, if possible.
Wrath- cleared Naxx, ulduar some hard mode fights, Trial of the crusades i cleared all of it, ICC got up to professor putricide on heroic

Cata- cleared all heroic BWD and BoT expect for sinestra, Firelands cleared all on heroic ragnaros before the nerf, DS cleared all on heroic and was top 150 US

MoP- Cleared mogushan vaults on heroic, Heart of Fear full clear on heroic also was top 150 us also for for all of that tier, Throne of thunder cleared up to ji kun on heroic, Cleared all of siege of orgimmar on mythic was top 100 US during that time

WoD- HFC only downed the first 5 bosses on heroic because thats when i came back to the game.

Legion- EN 7/7N 1/7H

Describe your specs. What is your preferred spec? Describe what skill/spell rotation you use in your primary spec. If a rotation is not appropriate, what is your priority list?
Fire Currently. I see hotfixes are coming soon and are buffing arcane i will have to take a closer to see if it competes with fire now or not.

Precast Fireball 2 seconds or so before the pull then prepot just before the boss, cast Rune of power then cast scorch because it has a faster cast time then hard casting fireball and you want to have as much uptime on your rune of power as you can, after i get Hot streak from my scorch i go into my rotation. which is pyro, fireblast, pyro, fireblast, flame on, phoenix flames, pyro then recast rune of power once the first one is off and go on. then save my phoenix flames for my next rune coming up unless i need to use them for boss situations.

Do you have a secondary spec? If so, what is your gear and experience like for the secondary spec?
i can play frost and arcane with no problem, currently i have some arcane gear but right now i dont have a full set to switch to it right now.

We expect you to have current and appropriate gems and enchants when you apply. If you do not have those when we review your application and your character, it will reflect poorly on you. Do you understand?

What websites do you use to keep current on your class?
Altered time and occasional icey veins

Do you research boss fights before your guild attempts them? What websites do you use to become familiar with new boss strategies?
I always do as much research as i can before the fights, i will use fatboss videos with raid testing on the ptr when its up, plus i will look at streams and see them streaming.

We raid 20-man endgame content from 8 PM to 12 AM EST three nights per week: Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Are you able to make these days and times

Describe any prior commitments that could change your raiding availability.

Riot requires that you always bring all necessary consumables for our 20-man raids. This includes flasks/food/potions/etc., and covers all fights -- easymode, heroic and mythic progression. Will this be a problem for you?

List your professions and any relevant special/epic/rare recipes you have.
Alchemy and herbing on mage and Mining and Jewelcrafting on DK

Post a link with a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment or, at the very least, of your UI in combat. Describe what you use for class-specific functions (cooldown timers, raid (de)buffs, damage/healing tracking, etc.) and why.

I use DBM and weak auras i always have weak auras because i can setup raid bosses debuffs with weak auras which is great and being able to customise any cds you want. and also skada for damage meters.

Post link(s) displaying your recent raid performance -- a screenshot of Recount/Skada with skill breakdowns showing or parses.
My guild had issues with parses this week so i have logs with my dps right now maybe later i can get some parses for you.

Have you raided with any other characters as your main during the current content release? If so, why did you switch?
i have not

We define ourselves as a "hard casual" guild. That means we are committed to doing the best we can in 20-mans for the 3 nights (12 hours) we raid per week, no more, no less. We do not push a fourth night for progression. We do not require guild members to do off-night or alt runs, although many of our members choose to do this in their spare time. Is this acceptable to you?

Do you have any guild, raid, or class leadership experience? If so, describe it.
have none

We seek team players, people who want to do right by the raid and the guild. Me-firsters and loot whores are not desirable. We also seek coverage in all classes such that we'll always have enough to raid, which means you might have to sit on occasion. Do you have any concerns regarding this? (If yes, elaborate. And be honest here, as temper tantrums will not be tolerated once you're in the guild.)
Never been the type for just getting loot, more for the thrill of downing a boss that we have wiped on over and over and then getting the kill.

How old are you

Do you have a reliable computer and a stable internet connection? (Describe any known issues impacting game performance, including a shared internet connection, old computer, etc.)
internet is upload 12 mbps and download speed is 90 mbps. my pc has a 3930k i7 gtx 1060 video card

Do you have a Authenticator attached to your account? If not, please let us know if you would have trouble obtaining one.

We use Mumble (NOT Ventrilo) for voice chat during raids and as such it is required that you be able to install and run it. You must, at the very least, be able to hear raid leaders during raids and, depending on your role, you may need to be able to speak. Do you understand?

Do you own a working Microphone?
Of course

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Re: Hyronqt (Fire Mage)

Post by Satan » Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:07 pm

Hey Hyronqt,

We appreciate your interest in joining the Riot family. Unfortunately, we are going to defer your application due to recruitment currently being closed. We wish you the best of luck on Sargeras or wherever your final destination may be.


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