DEFERRED: Slopee (WW_Monk)

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DEFERRED: Slopee (WW_Monk)

Post by slopee » Sun Nov 20, 2016 2:12 pm


All Max-Level Characters:
2 - WW Monk (main), BM hunter (alt, and not that fun!), thinking of a Ele Sham or Warlock for my next goal.

Where did you hear about Riot?
I made a post on the guild recruitment and you found me! :D

Do you know anyone in Riot who can vouch for you? If yes, who are they and how do you know them?
Not yet.

Tell us why Riot should be interested in you. What benefit can you bring to the guild?
I've played CS:GO at the highest level (ESEA invite and professional) so I have the skillset inside of me to learn, and the dedication to be at the top of my game. I also like cats. As for what I'd bring to your guild is more than just another player. I want to be part of something where we get to know eachother and all that. Not applying just to be a raider, but a friend to hopefully all of you.

How long have you played this game?
I played a bit in MoP, but quit in WoD and now I'm back for Legion.

What other guilds have you been in? Why did you leave?
I'm currently in a 4/7 Horde guild <Plummit> there is no sense of community here, no one looks to actively improve their character(s) outside of raid - and the raid is mostly the RL speaking over everyone. I want a better experience, plus I've got some RL friends playing alliance.

Describe your endgame raiding experience. Include the current and previous box release, if possible.
During MoP I raided with Nightmare Asylum for a tier and have AoTC: Sha of Fear and AoTC: Will of the Emperors, but quit shortly after to go "pro" in CSGO. I don't have the time nor dedication to CSGO anymore, and want to play WoW in my free time. I find it much more relaxing and at the same time, more exhilarating when a boss dies for the first time.

Describe your specs. What is your preferred spec? Describe what skill/spell rotation you use in your primary spec. If a rotation is not appropriate, what is your priority list?
**EDIT** I skipped this question and didn't go back I just thought of it now!

Windwalker - It's more of a priority system, I want to get as many Fist of Fury, Strike of the Windlords, and Rising Sun Kicks off . Tiger palm is what I use to build chi up to afford those spells. Blackout kick is mostly a 'filler' if the others are down and I have chi to spare.

In AoE, I try to get 4-5-6 stacks of spinning crane kick and spin away!

We expect you to have current and appropriate gems and enchants when you apply. If you do not have those when we review your application and your character, it will reflect poorly on you. Do you understand?
Windwalker Monk - based on my sim crafts (which I do ever 2-3 ilvls) I'm currently gemmed, and enchanted properly. Some of the enchants are the cheaper one, simply because it is not my BiS gear and not even remotely close to the ilvl I'd feel comfortable dropping that amount of gold on. :P

What websites do you use to keep current on your class?
WW monk discord, mmo champion forums, Megabloks stream.

Do you research boss fights before your guild attempts them? What websites do you use to become familiar with new boss strategies?
Of course! mmo-champion usually puts out some great guides right on the front page that take less than 10 minutes to read through. Why would somebody *NOT* do that before going into the raid?

We raid 20-man endgame content from 8 PM to 12 AM EST three nights per week: Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Are you able to make these days and times?
Yes, those are PERFECT hours. It's nearly impossible to find a guild that raids on days that I can - I'm not available most Tuesday evenings or Saturdays - so this would be great!

Describe any prior commitments that could change your raiding availability.
Sunday night we (meaning family) meet for dinner at 5:30 EST, but usually we're done and on the way home by 7:00 pm. There will be the off chance I would be 15-20 minutes late on Sunday, but this is literally below 10% and if we had a group chat on phones I would be able to tell you a couple hours in advance.

Riot requires that you always bring all necessary consumables for our 20-man raids. This includes flasks/food/potions/etc., and covers all fights -- easymode, heroic and mythic progression. Will this be a problem for you?
Negative, I'm pretty lucky that prolonged powers are my best potion :). I'm always prepared in regards to that.

Post a link with a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment or, at the very least, of your UI in combat. Describe what you use for class-specific functions (cooldown timers, raid (de)buffs, damage/healing tracking, etc.) and why. my raid frames are above the chat on the left.
I use TellmeWhen to track my previous cast - as a Monk this is important to keep Hit Combo stacks always rolling- it also tracks my major CDs
Deatils! dps/hps meters, its basically like having logs inside of the game. It's WAY more detailed than skada was.
AngryAssignments, if you guys don't use it. I'd strongly advise you do! It's super helpful and people can't say they "forgot" their group.
DBM, but considering switching to BigWigs as it seems to be less of an "interference" I guess is the best word.

Post link(s) displaying your recent raid performance -- a screenshot of Recount/Skada with skill breakdowns showing or parses.
Now, here's where things get messy. My mythic logs are so bad and I'm WELL aware of it. If you look into them you'll see the following:
- Nythendrea meleed me 3x to my death, not sure what happened w/ the tanks.
- I was in portal group on Dragons
- Ursoc I didn't receive a heal for 12-13 seconds, although, I should have used a healing potion. I wasn't thinking fast! That one is 100% my fault.

My heroic parses seem to be a better display of my skill: ... 841607/10/

Have you raided with any other characters as your main during the current content release? If so, why did you switch?
I originally started as a BM hunter, but word was MM was the spec and I didn't really like how MM was playing at the time so I made the switch to WW monk and I truthfully like melee better - but I am considering a caster as my "main alt"

We define ourselves as a "hard casual" guild. That means we are committed to doing the best we can in 20-mans for the 3 nights (12 hours) we raid per week, no more, no less. We do not push a fourth night for progression. We do not require guild members to do off-night or alt runs, although many of our members choose to do this in their spare time. Is this acceptable to you?
Yes - although. I'd hope people work on their characters on their own time within the guild with mythic+ runs, etc as that is something I would like to do regularly with skilled people.

Do you have any guild, raid, or class leadership experience? If so, describe it.
Not so much. I will speak up if I see something wrong in a certain area of the fight.

We seek team players, people who want to do right by the raid and the guild. Me-firsters and loot whores are not desirable. We also seek coverage in all classes such that we'll always have enough to raid, which means you might have to sit on occasion. Do you have any concerns regarding this? (If yes, elaborate. And be honest here, as temper tantrums will not be tolerated once you're in the guild.)
Loot doesn't matter to me, everyone will get it eventually throughout the tier. Of course, certain classes are just not meant for certain fights. As long as I can be tabbed out and muted on voice while sat for certain encounters there would be no issues. I would just be a PM aways from getting back into it.

How old are you
LOL! I laughed out loud, usually this is one of the first questions. Didn't expect it here. I'm 25.

Do you have a reliable computer and a stable internet connection? (Describe any known issues impacting game performance, including a shared internet connection, old computer, etc.)
Yep, sitting in my order hall right now I have 140 fps, and I live alone on my own wired connection so I am all set with that.

Do you have a Authenticator attached to your account? If not, please let us know if you would have trouble obtaining one.
I do have one.

We use Mumble (NOT Ventrilo) for voice chat during raids and as such it is required that you be able to install and run it. You must, at the very least, be able to hear raid leaders during raids and, depending on your role, you may need to be able to speak. Do you understand?
I understand and prefer mumble.

Do you own a working Microphone?
Yes, and I am NOT afraid to use it!

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Re: Slopee (WW_Monk)

Post by Zpriten » Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:44 pm

Hi Slopee,

Thanks for responding and applying. We will review and get back to you soon.

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Re: Slopee (WW_Monk)

Post by Magi » Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:37 pm

Hi Slopee, just a quick questions or two,
Are there any fights you would change to SEF/WDP for, why/why not?
What are your artifact relic traits or approximate artifact level?

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Re: Slopee (WW_Monk)

Post by slopee » Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:12 pm

As of right now - I don't think SEF/WDP are ahead in any fight. However, getting the bracers would make me research it more - but to answer your question bluntly: No, I haven't. My serenity usage is pretty bad but I've recently figured it out and am bursting higher than ever during those times.

Artifact level 27, almost 28. I'd LOVE to find a Mythic+ spam group to grind out some AP, but my guild doesn't communicate nor play that much, so I haven't found a group of people that make the "grind" fun!

EDIT: I have a FoF iron artifact, and i'm trying to get any DHT key I can to get 2x FoF Storms, but my Storm relics are: death art, and strength of xuen.

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Re: PENDING: Slopee (WW_Monk)

Post by Satan » Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:10 am

Hey Slopee,

Thanks for applying and answering of a few of our questions. I just have a couple more to ask.

1) Do you have or plan to have any playable off-specs or will you be melee dps only?

2) When do you plan on transferring factions and is it contingent on a trial offer or is it something you had planned already, having friends on Alliance?


P.S: 1v1 me d2 mid only

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Re: PENDING: Slopee (WW_Monk)

Post by slopee » Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:48 am

Hi Saytin,

I don't prefer to play Brewmaster, and have only healed casually in LFR / mythic+0s. I could see myself picking up healing if it was absolutely required. However, I'd prefer to level an alt (ele sham or warlock).

I won't be transferring unless I find a new home to trial in - it's a pretty big decision to faction and server change.

i'll deagle only ;D

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Re: PENDING: Slopee (WW_Monk)

Post by Satan » Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:31 pm


We would like to invite you to raid with us in trial runs starting @ 7:45 EST on Wednesday 11/30, Thursday 12/1, and Sunday 12/4. Your trial will continue at the same times and dates the following week. More details have been sent to you via private message. Please confirm here if you are able to attend and include your battletag or another way to invite you in-game.


P.S: Due to the holidays, the trial will not officially begin until the following week. However, if you would like to transfer and join ahead of time, we will be running an optional raid on Wednesday as well as running mythic dungeons throughout the week.

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